Code of Conduct

To make our walks easier to everyone we have set up few rules:

It is self explanatory, common sense points for all members to follow. Ensuring safety, preserving the countryside and maximizing enjoyment of the walk/s for the whole group.

On the walks and other outdoor events a member shall:-

1. Accept responsibility for his own safety.

2. Listen to announcements by the walk leader.

3. Wear clothing and shoes suited to changeable weather and the season of the year

4. Keep the people in front of and behind him in sight.

5. Make sure those behind see which way he goes at all times.

6. If he gets ahead of the leader look back to see where the leader goes

7. Keep to public paths across farmland.

8. On a road with a footpath walk on the footpath.

9. On a road without a footpath walk on the right and watch for oncoming traffic.

10. Cross roads and railway lines with due regard for his safety.

11. Protect wildlife, plants and trees; leave growing any flora he sees growing.

12. Keep under control any dog he brings.

13. Guard against all risk of fire.

14. Take his litter home.

15. Only leave a walk before its conclusion when he has ensured the leader will be informed quickly of his departure.

16. Ensure that any non-member he brings on the walk is familiar with and willing to conform to the code of conduct of the Gay Walking Group.